- personal info about the four members (Jon, Paul, George and Ringo) of NE Pennsylvania's first world-wide-known rock band -


  Jerry is the only remaining original member of Dakota, and the subject of the previous album's title track, The Last Standing Man.  Although he plays bass in this version of the band, he's also quite the guitar player, which was his job in the early years, playing those great double guitar leads alongside Bill Kelly. 
  Jerry lives in the Pocono Mountains, and has 2 kids (Eli & Abby) 2 dogs and 2 cats... but only 1 wife (Barb). And a horse named Dakota. Jerry's very close to his parents, Irene and "Snoozie".
  To relax, he enjoys a nice 5am fishing trip to one of the local lakes.




  A member of Dakota since 1982, Rick is the keyboardist and 'computer nerd' of the band (despite the fact that he designed this web page, he still refers to himself in the 3rd person.  He's as weird as I am.)   He and Jerry are the main songwriting team of Dakota, and have been writing together for about 17 years.  Rick also has a little solo career, and released his first solo CD in June 1996 called "...another fine Mesozoic." (Both Jerry and JL appear on the recording.)    And his new CD, "Living at Square One" was released in August of 1998.
 He lives in Clarks Summit, Pa., and has a small 16-track analog studio in his house, called closet studios, where he does his albums, Dakota pre-production, radio/tv jingles and demos for other artists that he produces.  He has a daughter, Stephanie, 17, who lives nearby in the Poconos. 
  As far as relaxing, Rick doesn't believe in it. (He claims he hasn't had an actual vacation since June of 1972.)



  Jon Lorance (a.k.a. "JL"), guitarist extraordinaire, can be described as a true "natural musician", as he's never had any formal musical training, yet is probably the most musically knowledgeable of the members.  Jerry & Rick met Jon when he was in Synch, and for the first 3-4 years, he didn't even own a guitar- he would borrow one from a friend on the way to the studio!  (Then play the hell out of it.)
  JL has dusted off his songwriting boots for "Little Victories", and has co-written several of the songs with Jerry.  Rick is extremely jealous, despite the fact that he gets more women than Jon any day of the week.    :  )
  Jon lives in Mountaintop, Pa., also located in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, with his Mom and his rabbit-murdering cat, Chuck.   Chuck is 'wanted' in 50 hutches.
  To relax, a good game of billiards usually does the trick.




  Band drummer Eli Hludzik amazingly has the same name as bassist Jerry, mainly because they are father and son.  They have almost exactly the same voice (which can be irritating when you call the house). 
  Eli is a great drummer, who enjoys and can play almost any kind of music.  He's equally comfortable pounding out AOR rock or driving a hot jazz ensemble. (He's won many awards for his jazz drumming.)  He also owns several pairs of very strange glasses, which he insists on wearing, even in the shower.
  He's a now a 3rd year Jazz Studies music major at the Conservatory of Music at University of Cinncinati, and he enjoys playing baseball, as well as a good sushi bar.

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